A bridge between Myanmar and Japan



Suwa Junko

Singer-songwriter performing in Japan and Myanmar
International Goodwill ambassador of Otawara city, Tochigi prefecture.
Born in Otawara city, Tochigi prefecture. Birth date: December 17th (Sagittarius), Blood type: O.

Encounter with Myanmar

The trigger of her trips to Myanmar was a video clip in which she was singing a Japanese song in Burmese.“A single song changed my musical career”, the same video went viral through social networks with 250,000 play count in a day. This was the trigger for her musical career in Myanmar and later she performed at the “Water Festival” with an audience of 50,000, which was aired on TV and she gained reputation in Myanmar.

Started her career as a musician
Sang the national anthem at the first official game of Japanese professional baseball team “Orix Buffaloes” at Kyocera dome in Osaka.
Appearance as a singer-songwriter in the play, “Taiko-Chaya murder case” along with actor Kai Ato.
Live performance in “Terakoya Project Family Festival Concert” at Kyoto’s World Heritage Daigoji temple.
Live performance at “Water Festival” in Myanmar.
Live performance at “Junko Suwa, Taiwan concert” at Wenshui Arts and Cultural Center. Live performance at “Myanmar Festival Terakoya Music Festival” held at Zojoji temple.
Visits Myanmar on her own in order to learn the local traditional culture, as part of her passion of “Entertainment practice to connect Japan and Myanmar”. Performs at Yangon water festival, and hosts several live performances in Yangon, Mandalay and Myanmar’s capitol city Naypyidaw.
Appeared in “Myawaddy Documentary”, a TV program of a commercial TV station in Myanmar.
Appointed as “International Goodwill Ambassador” by Otawara city of Tochigi prefecture, Junko Suwa was the first to be appointed as ambassador after Otawara city introduced the International goodwill ambassador in 2016.
[Japan] Live performance at “Myanmar Festival 2016” held at Zojoji temple in Tokyo
[Myanmar] Live performance at “Water festival”: performed at several venues in Yangon and Taungoo. Held a music & talk show in Singapore.
[Myanmar] Held a solo live in Yangon city, “Suwa Junko Close To You Live in Myanmar at Sky Star”
World Tour「Suwa Junko Hello! Hello! WORLD 2018」
Starting from Naypyidaw, capital of Myanmar.
Was invited by the Myanmar government to perform at the largest YCDC stage of the Water Festifal in Yangon.which was her 4th time performing at Water Festival.
Jan, 2019
Released the original song, named [ Arigatou ].
Perfomed at [ City FM Anniversary 17th ].




  • MINI Album+DVD
  • 2019.1.12 On Sale

CDをご購入の方は【info@eventcast-myanmar.com】にお名前、購入枚数、送付先、電話番号をご記入の上 メールをお送り下さい。

  1. CD
  2. シェゴトー(ミャンマー語)
  3. ARIGATO(ミャンマー語)
  4. マソンジーゲーナインドゥーミャ
  5. 弓張り月の夜(日本語)
  6. きっとね(日本語)
  7. 心のふるさと(日本語)
  1. DVD
  2. ARIGATO(ミャンマー語)
  3. シェゴトー(ミャンマー語)
  4. マソンジーゲーナインドゥーミャ
  5. 心のふるさと(日本語)

Connecting the hearts

Connecting the hearts
  • Mini Album
  • 2016.12.17 On Sale
  • 1500yen(tax inc.)
  1. 終わらない夢
  2. Your Strength Is Beautiful
  3. 桜が咲いた日 - お母さんの唄 -
  4. また逢えると信じて feat. Sai Aung Htee Kham
  5. Friend feat. Diramore

Smile Again

Smile Again
  • Mini Album
  • 2014.3.13 On Sale
  • 500yen(tax inc.)SOLD OUT
  1. Smile Again
  2. Smile Again(カラオケ)

Beat of Life -命の鼓動-

Beat of Life -命の鼓動-
  • Compilation Album
  • 2012.09.23 On Sale
  • 2000yen(tax inc.)SOLD OUT
  1. Beat of Life
  2. Orange Heart -ママへのプレゼント-
  3. Heart with You -こころはひとつ-
  4. 愛の翼
  5. Heart & Soul
  6. 心眼 -Mind's eye-
  7. Beat of Life -命の鼓動-
  8. e love smile -いい愛の笑顔を-

光束 -kousoku-

光束 -kousoku-
  • Mini Album
  • 2011.09.22 On Sale
  • 1000yen(tax inc.)
  1. 光束 -kousoku-
  2. やさしさ貯金
  3. 不都合な幸せ
  4. まぼろし
  5. Fall in Love

何度でも夢見よう2014 -ゴールデンウィーク すわじゅんこワンマンSpecial-

何度でも夢見よう2014 -ゴールデンウィーク すわじゅんこワンマンSpecial-
  • DVD
  • 2014.06.10 On Sale
  • 3000yen(tax inc.)SOLD OUT
  1. プロローグ
  2. Fall in Love
  3. 魔法をかけたい
  4. 強がったままで
  5. やさしさ貯金
  6. 不都合な幸せ
  7. まぼろし
  8. トウヒコウ
  9. 醍醐の子守歌
  1. 千年の恋の物語
  2. Smile Again(Feat.江本有佳里)
  3. さくらが咲いた日
  4. Your Strength is Bautiful
  5. 光束 -kousoku-
  6. 何度でも夢見よう
  7. Beat of Life -命の鼓動-
  8. Epilogue [Award image available]





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